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  1. (Removed) Execute R jobs on Hadoop cluster from R Studio IDE

  2. Access dashDB (or DB2) using ibmdbPy from Python notebook

  3. Access dashDB (or DB2) using ibmdbR from R notebook

  4. Access dashDB (or DB2) using ibm_db from Python notebook

  5. Access dashDB (or DB2) using JDBC from Scala notebook

  6. Access dashDB (or DB2) using RJDBC from R notebook

  7. Access dashDB (or DB2) using RODBC from R notebook

  8. Access dashDB (or DB2) using sparkR from R notebook

  9. Access denied when using ssh, PuTTY, or WinSCP to connect to Hadoop Sandbox

  10. Access MySQL from Python Notebook using MySQLdb

  11. Access MySQL from R Notebook using RMySQL

  12. Access PostgreSQL from Python using pscopg2

  13. Access PostgreSQL from R using RPostgreSQL

  14. Access Wikipedia Clickstream dataset in Jupyter Scala notebook

  15. Access Wikipedia Pagecounts dataset in Jupyter Scala notebook

  16. Accessing Spark service on Bluemix

  17. Bad Gateway 502 or 503 error

  18. Best way to register for Data Scientist Workbench

  19. Can't access the lab because credentials are wrong

  20. Cannot find my Jupyter notebooks under Recent Notebooks

  21. Cannot start services or add hosts in Ambari

  22. Change Ambari password

  23. Download BigInsights VM

  24. Error in installing TALib Python library

  25. Error installing xlrd Python package

  26. Get IBM Cloud $1200 value with no strings attached!

  27. Getting credentials to access a dashDB (Db2 warehouse)

  28. How can I get the notebook in full screen mode?

  29. How can I share my notebook on GitHub?

  30. How do I get an account and an id?

  31. How do I install additional libraries in my notebook

  32. How long will it take before I get my workbench?

  33. How to create interactive web applications in RStudio IDE using Shiny

  34. How to import a .ipynb notebook from Github into Data Scientist Workbench

  35. How to import data for use by Apache Zeppelin ?

  36. How to install baseballr package in RStudio

  37. How to install Keras and TensorFlow JupyterLab

  38. How to log out of embedded labs

  39. How to open a Jupyter notebook in My Data

  40. How to Register or Signup for Cognitive Class Labs

  41. How to reset a Python, Scala, or R lab in Jupyter

  42. How to restart the Jupyter kernel

  43. How to tell version of RStudio and R

  44. How to work with Hadoop data using SQL in a Python Jupyter notebook

  45. How to work with Hadoop data using SQL in a Scala Jupyter notebook

  46. How to work with Hadoop data using SQL in an R Jupyter notebook

  47. I can't remember my password. Can you reset it for me?

  48. My Shiny app in RStudio closes in a minute

  49. Never received confirmation instructions email from Labs Cloud, Demo Cloud, or Hadoop Sandbox

  50. No views in Ambari

  51. Read CSV and Excel files in Python Jupyter notebooks

  52. Reading CSV files in R Juputer notebooks

  53. Reading CSV files in to Spark Dataframes with read.df

  54. Recovered from a dead kernel in Jupyter

  55. Reverting to Original Version of a Lab Notebook

  56. Starting Jupyter Notebooks (but even after 5 min does not start)

  57. Submitting Jobs to Spark service on Bluemix

  58. Timeout when connecting with ssh, PuTTY, or WinSCP to Hadoop Sandbox

  59. Unable to connect to Ambari Server

  60. Unable to create a database in Hive

  61. Unable to create a table in Hive

  62. Update taking too long. How long should it take to update my workbench?

  63. Use Cyberduck instead of WinSCP on macOS

  64. What is the differences between Data Scientist Workbench and Knowledge Anyhow Workbench

  65. What is the roadmap for the Data Scientist Workbench?

  66. Where can I find Big SQL Technology Sandbox?

  67. Where can I learn how to use OpenRefine?

  68. Where is My Data?

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