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Accessing Spark service on Bluemix

Apache Spark is an open source cluster computing framework optimized for extremely fast and large scale data processing. IBM offers a managed Spark service on Bluemix for fast in-memory analytics on large data sets. It is available as a pay-as-you-go service on Bluemix, and new users can avail a time limited free trial.

Several samples and tutorials in Cognitive Class Labs (Data Scientist Workbench) involve the use of this Spark service. In this article we show you how to create and get credentials for accessing your instance of the Apache Spark service on Bluemix.

If you don't already have a Bluemix account start by signing up for a new Bluemix trial account.

Check your email and confirm your new account.

Next, log into Bluemix and create a new instance of the Spark service (if you don't already have one). You can do so by going to the description page for Apache Spark service, and clicking on the "Create" button on the middle-right of the page. You can edit the "Service name" field to something memorable.

Once you have an instance of the Spark service, lets get the credentials for it. Open the service page in the dashboard, click on the "Service Credentials" in the left menu bar.   

In the page that opens the credentials will be displayed and look something like the following snippet ... copy and save them for use in Cognitive Class Labs (Data Scientist Workbench).

  "credentials": {
    "tenant_id": "s1a9-7f40d9344b951f-42a9cf195d79",
    "tenant_id_full": "b414510b-d17a-43d2-b1a9-7f40d9344b95_9c09a3cb-7178-43f9-9e1f-42a9cf195d79",
    "cluster_master_url": "",
    "instance_id": "b404510b-d27a-43d2-b1a9-7f40d9344b95",
    "tenant_secret": "8b2d73ad-8ac5-4927-a90c-9ca9edfad124",

Good luck!

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