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How long will it take before I get my workbench?

When you apply for a Data Scientist Workbench account you get a welcome email that tells you to click on a link to start your Data Scientist Workbench. We often get asked "how long will it take for me to get the workbench?". Unfortunately the answer to this question is "it depends". When we provision the workbench for you, we request a virtual machine on the cloud. This process can take a few minutes but from time to time has been known to take many hours. We are not sure what causes the delay in provisioning.
Instead of investigating provisioning delays, we have decided to implement a completely new architecture. Our new architecture will not provision new virtual machines and instead will deploy your workbench on to an already provisioned infrastructure thereby eliminating potentially lengthy machine provisioning times. When our new architecture enters production, we anticipate provisioning time to be a few minutes and we do anticipate the process to be much more predictable.  

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