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Update taking too long. How long should it take to update my workbench?

Short answer is about 2 minutes.

We at Cognitive Class team pride ourselves on building our product based on the feedback from our users and delivering new features promptly and regularly. If you have ideas or want to see what others have been asking visit our feedback forum.

When we implement your ideas you may see a notice typically with our supper dog Cici that says "update available". You may be tempted to press the update button but you are not sure how long the update will take. You are probably scared emotionally by those constant updates and reboots that software of the yesteryears would inflict on us. Good news is that we don't like waiting and we don't want our users to wait very long either. So, Cici and the rest of the team worked very hard to make workbench updates very quick. It should take no longer than 2 minutes to get your workbench updated. And no, no reboot required!

But is it safe? Well, yes, it is safe to update. All of your data and notebooks will be there once the update is finished. There is a bit of an ugly problem we are working on that you should know about. If you installed any libraries that we don't know about, you will have to reinstall them. Rest assure we understand the problem and are working on it. So, go ahead and click that Update button!

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