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Jupyter Notebooks

  1. Starting Jupyter Notebooks (but even after 5 min does not start)

  2. Cannot find my Jupyter notebooks under Recent Notebooks

  3. How do I install additional libraries in my notebook

  4. How to import a .ipynb notebook from Github into Data Scientist Workbench

  5. Read CSV and Excel files in Python Jupyter notebooks

  6. Reading CSV files in R Juputer notebooks

  7. How to work with Hadoop data using SQL in a Python Jupyter notebook

  8. How to work with Hadoop data using SQL in an R Jupyter notebook

  9. How to work with Hadoop data using SQL in a Scala Jupyter notebook

  10. Access dashDB (or DB2) using ibm_db from Python notebook

  11. Access dashDB (or DB2) using ibmdbPy from Python notebook

  12. Access dashDB (or DB2) using RJDBC from R notebook

  13. Access dashDB (or DB2) using RODBC from R notebook

  14. Access dashDB (or DB2) using sparkR from R notebook

  15. Access dashDB (or DB2) using ibmdbR from R notebook

  16. Access dashDB (or DB2) using JDBC from Scala notebook

  17. Access MySQL from Python Notebook using MySQLdb

  18. Access MySQL from R Notebook using RMySQL

  19. Access PostgreSQL from Python using pscopg2

  20. Access PostgreSQL from R using RPostgreSQL

  21. Access Wikipedia Clickstream dataset in Jupyter Scala notebook

  22. Access Wikipedia Pagecounts dataset in Jupyter Scala notebook

  23. How to restart the Jupyter kernel

  24. Recovered from a dead kernel in Jupyter

  25. Submitting Jobs to Spark service on Bluemix

  26. Reverting to Original Version of a Lab Notebook

  27. How to reset a Python, Scala, or R lab in Jupyter

  28. How can I share my notebook on GitHub?

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