1. Cannot open any Lab tools on coursera Data analysis with Python

  2. I need to be able to share a file/dataset in "My Data" same as what can I do in "recent data" in side bar of Jupyter

  3. I want to be able to load my Data from Aliyun OSS

  4. Data Science Hands-On with Open Source Tools CognitiveClass DS0105EN

  5. Skulls data set link provided is not working. Here's a different one...

  6. cannot access jypyter notebooks in Python for Data Science course plz help

  7. I would like to see the ability to display Spatial Data on a map. Points/Polygons/Locations/Distances/Clustering etc.

  8. there is an error in the answer sheet for Q1d, (Module 4: Model Development), Data Analysis with Python

  9. I want to create data set and pratice on it through pandas libraries

  10. I should be able to import the datasets in /my-data/ directly into a tool I want to use

  11. Clicking on filename in My Data should show a list of actions, not download

  12. Please correct the wrong explanation of the data column ID in the SVM practice.

  13. Access dashDB (or DB2) using RODBC from R notebook

  14. Reading CSV files in to Spark Dataframes with read.df

  15. Need live chat, support for Lab sessions. I have subscribed "Data analysis with python"", but unable to start Lab. a week gone after subscri

  16. I need to click on .json file in "My Data" and open it into Zeppelin.

  17. Databases and SQL for Data Science - Week 5 - I cannot proceed with the exercises - AttributeError

  18. Submitting Jobs to Spark service on Bluemix

  19. Access dashDB (or DB2) using ibmdbPy from Python notebook

  20. Starting Jupyter Notebooks (but even after 5 min does not start)

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