1. Give students the code in .ipynb files to store locally rather than hosting them in a faulty cloud service

  2. add some more sample data such as Washington Crime Labs data used in the spark summit east essentials track  ·  planned

  3. Recover deleted notebook and data


  5. I'd like to see video lectures within a notebook so I can type and run code while I watch lectures

  6. Unable to "Open Tool", Start Lab Environment to open Jupyter Notebook - Databases and SQL for Data Science with Python

  7. Enable easy hosting of shiny apps on service (  ·  under review

  8. As a data source in 'Find Data', provide access to curated data sources(Example. Twitter data for sentiment analysis?

  9. Cheat Sheet Tool

  10. ftp/sftp support to upload/download data

  11. I would like to sort my files in "My Data" based on "Modified date", "Size", etc.

  12. Zeppelin

  13. Display usage info within the My Data section

  14. Describe the differences between Data Scientist Workbench and Knowledge Anyhow Workbench  ·  completed

  15. Cannot open any Lab tools on coursera Data analysis with Python

  16. I need an option to copy path of my file/dataset in "My Data"

  17. Unable to perform Lab session of "Data analysis with Python"

  18. When i click on my data menu i get 502 Bad Gateway The server returned an invalid or incomplete response.

  19. I need to be able to share a file/dataset in "My Data" same as what can I do in "recent data" in side bar of Jupyter

  20. I need to search a file in "My Data"

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